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A New Endeavor - Post Endgame... Teero is Back!
  Posted January 2018

Apology Accepted - A ficlet in response to Kate04's opening sentence, “She hadn’t meant to hurt him.” This scene follows the second season episode “Investigations,” wherein Tom Paris becomes a malcontent in order to expose a traitor onboard Voyager.
  Posted October 2010
Written for VAMB's Secret Ficlet Project

The Future Is Ours

- A novel length story that is finished!
- The future is what we make of it, by doing little things that make a huge difference, by seizing opportunities that come our way, and by remembering to keep our friends and loved ones close.
  The full story is now published. Don't miss the fantastic video that MarchWishes created for the story - you can find it by clicking the TFIO link above.

If you run across Cori or Mizvoy, tell them thanks because they've been instrumental in helping me write this. And thanks to Celia for hosting this story on her site so I don't max out my bandwith.

Unspoken **Warning - Rated NC-17** - Set Post-Endgame, Kathryn and Chakotay playing a game.
  Posted December 2009

Objectives - Kathryn is set on a course of action that will result in some much needed changes on her ship.
  Posted October 2009
Objectives - Late Night Premotions - Following Objectives, Kathryn has trouble sleeping because of what she learned about the future that will never happen.
  Posted October 2009

Strong **Warning - Rated NC-17** - Chakotay worries when Kathryn's com signal disappears during the final conversation of a long and strenuous trade negotiation.
  Posted June 2009

New Memories - A drabble following the episode "Unforgettable"
  Posted January 2009

Inspired Dreams - A drabble following the episode "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy"
  Posted January 2009
A birthday gift for Cori

Taking Command **Warning - Rated NC-17** - Kathryn is uncertain how to answer Admiral Hayes' request for a status report on the Maquis. When she asks for Chakotay's help composing a response, she gets more than she expected.
  Posted January 2009
Written for VAMB's Secret Santa Project

In the End, It's All About Chocolate - Some members of the crew think they can distract Kathryn Janeway with chocolate. However, only Chakotay knows what really distracts her. This was inspired by Joywriter who wrote the first line and title.
  Posted September 2008
Written for VAMB's Secret Ficlet Project

Overture **Warning - Rated NC-17** - A collaboration with Elem. If we gave you a summary, it would give the plot away. Just hold onto your socks and read it! It's a Janeway/Chakotay fic - figure it out.
  Posted May 2008

What A Captain Needs - An episode addition to "The Haunting of Deck Twelve." Rated PG-13.
  Posted May 2008

Cherished - Set sometime in the seventh season. The crew of Voyager has run low on dilithium again - will they locate an available source in time? Despite the challenges, the crew of Voyager still maintains a little bit of Christmas spirit. Rated R.
  Posted January 2008
Written for VAMB's Secret Santa Project

The Waiting Game - Set immediately following Endgame. Kathryn is ready now. Is Chakotay? Rated PG.
  Posted February 2006
Written for VAMB's Secret Valentine's Project

Fresh Brewed Trouble - Set a year after Endgame. Kathryn finds herself in a bit of hot water. Assumes that the stardate converter is correct and that Voyager landed in late December. Rated R.
  Posted January 2006
Written for VAMB's Secret Santa Project

Stolen Memories - Set at the end of Workforce. Before regaining her stolen memories, Kathryn wonders about her relationship with Chakotay.
  Posted October 2005

Exposed By A Kiss - A re-telling of the episode, Renaissance Man. What if the Doctor thought there was a hidden relationship between Janeway and Chakotay?
  Posted May 2005

That Moment Came - A drabble about promises
  Posted May 2005
Entered in Dakota's Decathlon

We Are Stronger Together... - Kathryn and Chakotay learn an important lesson about strength in unity. Set after Endgame.
  Posted March 2005

Waiting For The Kiss - A drabble about Kathryn's sadness
  Posted March 2005
Won First place - 100 Meter Hurdle/Dramatic Drabble - in Dakota's Decathlon

I Thought You'd Never Ask - Kathryn tries to figure out why Chakotay is moody, and his response is not what she expects.
  Posted February 2005
Written for VAMB's Secret Valentine Project
Won Second Place - Shot Put/Humor & Comedy - in Dakota's Decathlon

Remember - In the Ready Room after Endgame, Chakotay helps Kathryn remember promises made.
  Posted August 2004
Runner Up in Koffee Klub's Picnic Prose Prize
Won Second Place - 400 Meter Run/Short Story - in Dakota's Decathlon

A Leap of Faith - After Workforce, Kathryn longs to make a change in her personal life.
  Posted August 2004
Won Koffee Klub's Picnic Prose Prize
Won Second Place Place in Purple Comet's Spiritual Guidance Contest

Shattered Control - Kathryn is ready to make a change, but is Chakotay?
  Posted June 2004
Won First Place in Dakota's Final Frontier Contest

A Second Gift - Kes leaves a gift they weren't expecting and their lives are forever changed.
  Posted June 2004
Won First Place - Steamier Stories - in 2004 Ripples In The Pond Contest
Won Second Place - Pole Vault/Alternate Universe - in Dakota's Decathlon

No Greater Love – Day One of the JCFichaven Eight Days of Valentine's
  Posted February 2004
Won First Place - Level 3, Longer Story in The Launching Pad Contest - Spring 2004

Out On A Limb – Day One of the JCFichaven Twelve Days of Christmas Series
  Posted December 2003

Family Ties – A marriage in the Alpha Quadrant has a drastic affect on lives in the Delta Quadrant.
  Written with Phancy in August of 2003, added to this index in December 2003
Won Second Place - Comedy - in the Mixed Doubles Contest
Won Third Place - Javelin/Lower Decks - in Dakota's Decathlon

Letting Go and Holding On – Two Parts: Kathryn has to let go before she can follow her path to happiness.
  Posted May 2003

A Matter of Timing – After "Endgame," B’Elanna encourages Kathryn to think
  Posted February 2003

The Future - A drabble episode addition to "Endgame"
  Posted February 2003

Someone to Watch Over Me – Episode addition from a J/C point of view
  Posted February 2003
Won Honorable Mention in Talent Night's X's and O's Contest

Beyond Hope and Fear - A drabble episode addition
  Posted February 2003

Coming Home, Again – Chakotay returns to Earth for the first annual reunion
  Posted February 2003
Won Second Place in Love Through the Years "Secrets and Lies" Contest
Won Third Place in the A.Q. + 1 Voyager Talent Night Fanfic Contest

The Plight of the Lobster People - Episode addition to Repression
  Posted January 2003

Homesick – Kathryn reminisces about home
 Posted January 2003

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