The Future

By KatieDawnS

Rating: PG

Spoilers: None

Summary: J/C - Endgame Drabble

Disclaimer: They aren’t mine – I’m just fixing things.

Thanks: Thanks to Caffey for beta reading.


She was mesmerized by the welcome sight of home spinning gracefully amid the blanket of familiar stars. Her joy was tarnished by the pangs of regret filling her heart. Her thoughts tumbled through memories, cherished moments, and missed opportunities.

Determination swelled in her like a grand force of nature. When has she ever not gotten what she wanted? Mind set on a plan, she called out. “Ensign Rodgers, helm. Mr. Chakotay, ready room.”

Not waiting to see if he followed, she walked into the room where she would craft her future out of the many missed opportunities of the past.



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