This story is as long as three novels (1,438 pages and 475,385 words), and it took just over two years to write it. I started with Endgame and added/extended some scenes that complicate certain issues for all parties involved. This story explores how Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay's relationship evolves as they leave Voyager behind and contend with the pressures of a changing Federation.

Many, Many Thanks

To those who helped inspire me with ideas and encourage me while writing this epic:

Mizvoy - a super proof-reader and plot hole fixer. Also did a great job of helping me tone down the sticky sweetness to a level that does not require an insulin shot.
CoriMariee - who practically read the story as I wrote it, helped me brainstorm, gave me many ideas, pointed out characterization issues, and kept me writing. She also nicknamed me "meanie" for what I made Janeway go through. Poor Kathryn.
MarchWishes/Janeway25/Tina - who made the awesome video that accompanies the fic. She also started chatting with me as I wrote the latter part of it, and encouraged me along with some great ideas and feedback.
Celia - for hosting the story on her site so I don't exceed my bandwith.
My Cheering Section - Celia, Elem, Splv, CF, Audabee, Kate, Seattlebecc, Gates, and others, who have been begging for this since the day I started, and who I've bounced many ideas off of.
Camryn - who created the beautiful fiddled pictures that I keep on my desktop because the emotions so clearly expressed on Chakotay's and Kathryn's faces spark my imagination every day.
Cheshire - who helped me one evening brainstorm the major plot line.
VAMBIES - who helped me come up with the interview questions in Chapter 3.
BookJunkee - who inspired Chapter 8 by requesting a spring fling story about Janeway from the viewpoint of another person.
Dear Hubby - Can't forget him! He's been very patient while I pursue my little hobby.

Disclaimer: Voyager and its characters belong to Paramount.

Click to play the TFIO Video, created by Tina (MarchWishes/KathrynJaneway 25).
Due to it's size, it takes a few minutes to buffer, but I promise that it's worth the wait. If your internet speed is slow or if this doesn't work with your browser, see the video on YouTube.
The song is "Never Say Never" by The Fray, performed by Tyler Ward.
The video is a trailer to the novel and provides an illustration of the backstory.

I'd like to invite anyone who is interested in creating fiddle pictures or drawings tied to this story to send it to me and I'll post it on a special page just for artwork.

Chapter Index

Each chapter is approximately 10,000-15,000 words, or 30-45 pages. Some are more, some are less. MA Chapters have an alternate M version.

To download the chapters in pdf or for e-reader, click here.

Chapter 1 - Are You With Me? - Rated PG/K+

Chapter 2 - Defending Honor - Rated PG-13/T

Chapter 3 - A Friendship Restored - Rated PG-13/T

Chapter 4 - Hero for Hire - Rated PG-13/T

Chapter 5 - Temporal and Temperamental - Rated PG-13/T

Chapter 6 - Holding the Cards - Rated NC-17/MA (R/M version)

Chapter 7 - Preparing for the Future - Rated PG/K+

Chapter 8 - Kathryn Janeway: Merely Human - Rated PG/K+

Chapter 9 - Communications Gone Awry - Rated R/M

Chapter 10 - No Unnecessary Risks - Rated PG/K+

Chapter 11 - A Lost Spark - Rated NC-17/MA (R/M version)

Chapter 12 - Fixing Kathryn - Rated NC-17/MA (R/M version)

Chapter 13 - A Vessel of Diplomacy - Rated PG/K+

Chapter 14 - A Missing Piece - Rated R/M

Chapter 15 - Impressive, Commander Kim - Rated R/M

Chapter 16 - The Good Ship Lollipop - Rated R/M

Chapter 17 - Carry Me Home - Rated R/M

Chapter 18 - A Heart Broken - Rated PG-13/T

Chapter 19 - Rest Now, My Love - Rated PG-13/T

Chapter 20 - Don't Let Me Go - Rated PG-13/T

Chapter 21 - Recovering From A Nightmare - Rated PG-13/T

Chapter 22 - Sorting Through The Issues - Rated PG/K+

Chapter 23 - Demons, Dresses, and Desires - Rated NC-17/MA (R/M version)

Chapter 24 - A Reunion of Friends - Rated PG/K+

Chapter 25 - Sacred Circle of Life - Rated PG/K+

Chapter 26 - Bent, Not Broken - Rated NC-17/MA (R/M version)

Chapter 27 - We Can Do This - Rated NC-17/MA (R/M version)

Chapter 28 - Taking Off The Gloves - Rated PG/K+

Chapter 29 - Ready to Fight - Rated R/M

Chapter 30 - Hop Into My Pocket - Rated PG/K+

Chapter 31 - These Are Not Simple Issues - Rated PG/K+

Chapter 32 - Connecting the Dots - Rated PG-13/T

Chapter 33 - A Pain in the Neck - Rated PG-13/T

Chapter 34 - Trouble At Home - Rated PG-13/T

Chapter 35 - Deposed - Rated NC-17/MA (R/M version)

Chapter 36 - A New Power - Rated NC-17/MA (R/M version)

Chapter 37 - Benched - Rated PG/K+

Chapter 38 - Bump - Rated PG/K+

Chapter 39 - A New Life - Rated PG-13/T

Epilogue - The Present is Ours- Rated PG/K+

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